Carioca Capoeira Baltimore

We are Carioca Capoeira in Baltimore.  It is lead by Instructor Onça.

2nd Annual Batizado Carioca Capoeira Baltimore
to Apr 28

2nd Annual Batizado Carioca Capoeira Baltimore


Friday April 27, 2018 6:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday April 28, 2018 11:00pm-2:00pm

Location: Baltimore Martials Arts Academy 6565 Baltimore National Pike Catonsville, MD 21228


Saturday April 28, 2018 3:00pm-5:00pm

Location: Ideal Arts Space 905 W. 36th St. Baltimore, MD 21211

Guest: Mestre Carioca, Professor Queixo, Professor Canela, Instrutor Cobra D'Agua, and more!

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1:00 PM13:00

Carioca Capoeira Baltimore-Capoeira Seminar



Join us for a FREE Capoeira seminar at Baltimore Martial Arts on Saturday October 17th 1-3PM.


This seminar is open to adults and children and is an introduction to Capoeira, a new program that will soon be offered at Baltimore Martial Arts.


Classes for children and adults are forming soon!

Call us at 410-465-7799 for more information and/or to register for our October's Seminar.



What is Capoeira?


Capoeira is the Afro-Brazilian martial art that takes its roots during the colonial era of Brazil. Capoeira combines music, dance, acrobatics, play and martial elements into a dynamic ritual fight.


The details of capoeira’s origins and early history are still a matter of debate among historians, but it is clear that African slaves played a crucial role in the development of the art form. Capoeira differs from other Martial Arts because of the strong African and Brazilian components: the rhythm of the music, the call and response of the songs, and the Ginga, the mobile guard of Capoeira that resembles dance steps. Capoeira is a delightful sight, fun, relaxing, and empowering. Capoeira is an energetic, the game or dance, played in a circle with musical accompaniment, in which two players try to take each other down, or otherwise dominate each other, whilst showing a mastery of movement.


The players evade touching any part of the body to the ground excluding the hands, feet, and head. Becoming skilled demands long-term training. Full involvement requires learning how to play instruments, as well as learning the necessary movement skills.


Capoeira Classes for Adults and Children

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to Jun 13

Carioca Capoeira NYC Batizado and Troca

2015 June 10-13th. Save the date!
2015 Junho 10-13. Agende esta data!

We are please to announce our 2105 Batizado and Troca de Corda.

Com prazer que anunciamos nosso Batizado e Troca de Corda em 2015.

Everyone is invited. Please invite family and friends.

Workshop and details of this event TBA.
Detalhes do workshop e evento sera atualizado em breve.

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